About me

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Hi, my name is Christian, I’m a 29-years old game developer living in Hamburg, Germany. After I realized during secondary school that you can live by working with computers, I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. So I went to Constance, Germany, at the beautiful Lake of Constance to study Software Engineering in 2004.

During my studies I made the decision to go completely crazy by specializing on exactly that thing which I was most excited about my whole life: The awesome field of game development. I even got the chance to take my first steps in the game industry during an internship at Bright Future, Cologne, the developers of the successful football manager series “Fussballmanager” which is published by EA Sports. That was my way into this great industry which I’m now part of.

Meanwhile I successfully finished my first two games ArcaniA – Gothic 4 (2008 – 2010) and Kartuga (2010 – 2012) as a fulltime programmer and with Hamburg I found a city where I feel like home and which is the perfect work environment due to its big game industry.

So at the beginning of 2013, after the Mayan apocalypse was rescheduled, I took the next big step and founded a nice little Indie game startup called Slash Games together with my good friend and great programmer Nick Prühs.

We are currently looking for people and companies to work with. Our main focus is on Unity3D right now. Don’t hesitate to get in contact!

On these sites I collected some information and news about me and my background, so you can get a picture of me. Among other information you’ll find: