Game Jams

2012 was full of events. But one kind of events was outstanding: The game jams!

Game Jams are temporary events (often 48 hours) where game developers come together to create amazing (prototypes of) games. There is often a theme given out by the organizer, but apart from that the participants are free to use any software, engine, technology, platform,… they want.

I participated in 4 of them in 2012. And because of the great people I worked with, the results were 4 showcases what you can achieve within 48 hours if you love what you do. I put them all together on one project site now.

The biggest regular game jam is the Global Game Jam which takes place from 25th to 27th January in 2013. Among others InnoGames organizes a Global Game Jam event. You can still register, so go for it and see you there! 🙂

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Gettin’ international

You may have noticed that the last of my articles were written in english instead of german which I used before. The reason is simple: laziness!

If I would go on with german it would mean to leave out some folks who may also be interested in the stuff I do. On the other hand, translating everything would take too much time without having much benefit.

So I hope that every non-native speaker of you paid attention to your english courses at school 🙂

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Conquering new frontiers

A new year just arrived. A perfect time to start with new projects and leaving old stuff behind.

For me it feels like a whole new life starts. Kind of the feeling I had when starting my studies and the one I had on the first day of my first job. As of today I’ll call myself an Indie Game Developer 🙂

Till November I worked at Ticking Bomb Games and I really enjoyed the two years there. We build a cool and innovative game called Kartuga which you can check out soon. I learned a lot about multiplayer games and the Unity engine there, knowledge which I definitivly need for the future.

The last two months I took some time to relax and to travel a bit, I even managed to move outside Europe and visited New York for a few days.

Rainy Day in New York

Rainy Day in New York

So I’m ready to start now! I work together with Nick Prühs, who is a passionate game developer as I am. He worked at Daedalic Entertainment before as the Lead Programmer. Of course I take only the best people to work with! 😉

We will try to develop some nice little mobile and browser games which hopefully sell good enough to develop even more. Till then we’ll spend about half of our time doing some commissional work so we can pay the rent.

Our first project may become Bones, a game we developed at a InnoGames Game Jam this year. We were really amazed with what we managed after one weekend and the team work was great. So we will sit together tomorrow to check if and how we will go on with the project. If all turns out well, you may find the game in a few months in an app store near you!

But it won’t be the only thing we’ll develop this year. If you have a great idea but need developers to realize it or if you are a game developer and just want to discuss some ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. Furthermore we are urgently looking for a 2D artist who is able to give our games great unique graphics.

So, yes, there are some new projects coming up this year. But with a lot of effort and a bit of luck I am sure that everything will turn out well. Wish me luck!

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