Goodbye Joomla, Welcome WordPress!

New Problem

You may have noticed that my homepage was not accessible during the last weeks. This week is was online again, but there are still some broken links, etc.

The reason was that I had to move my homepage to a new server, because the old one was hacked by some guys and my friend who runs the server, didn’t want to have website hosting on his server anymore. Fortunately we got our very own server for our very own new Indie startup slash games! When one door closes another door opens!

New Solution

When doing the migration I realized that the Joomla version 1.5 which my homepage used, wasn’t supported anymore and it was suggested to update to 2.5. Sounds easy first, but because the architecture of the new version is very different to the old one, a migration would mean quite a lot of work. I had some customizations on my homepage, too, which wouldn’t have made the job easier.

That’s why I decided to move completely away from Joomla. I made some experiences with WordPress the last years, the last time, when we set up the homepage for slash games. Some things I like about WordPress:

  • Specialized on blogging
  • Lightweight themes available
  • Nice, clean backend
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy updating directly in the backend

Much of the things Joomla offers, too. But it seems a bit too big for a simple blog. Maybe because it was developed with a full content management system in mind.


The setup was easy, deciding for a new theme and customize it took by far the most time. I’m still not sure if I will keep it as it is, but first I wanted to migrate all the posts from the old homepage. Content First, Appearance Second!

If you miss something or got other kind of feedback for me, just leave a comment. Only one of the nice little new features when working with WordPress 🙂

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