EA Sports FM07/08


  • Space of time: 09/2006 – 02/2007
  • Company: Bright Future
  • Genre: Football manager
  • Platforms: PC, NDS
  • Coding language: C++
  • Homepage: FM 07 Verlängerung, FM 08
  • Release: 22.02.07 (FM 07 Verlängerung), 30.10.07 (FM 08)
  • Internship


  • Introduction into the Fussballmanager project and first bug fixing
  • Creation of a demo version with NSIS, Setup of an automatic demo generation process
  • Implementation of in-game statistics for FM 07 Verlängerung
  • Implementation of different elements of the feature “History of the saison”
  • Implementation of different complex game elements for FM08, e.g. friendly matches against the own youth and amateur teams of the club